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What is plane spotting and how does it work?


This is a hobby or you can call it a special type of a sport where people track aircrafts to ensure that they gather necessary information about the plane size, the engine type and function and things like the noise that is being produced when the plane is taking off. It is not only that one but it also ensures that data of airports and pilots are captured to ensure that the plane flies and lands safely to the required destination. The spotting is then finished with pictures and images to ensure that people get to understand what is actually happening to the aircrafts at all times. Camouflage marking is what is widely used but sometimes they use budges and logs to ensure that they do their marking at all times. This is the best way to ensure that they capture the data of the planes at all times.

You should only spot a given airline which means you will be working to spot as many planes as possible in the air line. Air traffic control system is what is being used to ensure that there is perfect marking of the planes. The hobbyist should consider traveling long distances to capture and spot the planes. Tracking of the planes has been used in the air control system, the military war detection and surveillance team. During the World War II this is the technique that was used to track the planes because there were no technological advanced systems to monitor planes.

3 most expensive planes of all time


#1. Boeing 747-8 VIP


This is one of the luxurious planes that people have been seeing on TV and movies. It is a plane that costs $153 million and it cannot be compromised by any weather condition. It can detect dangers and security threats as it is moving. A lot of technological advanced features have been incorporated into it making the plane to be modern and simple to use.

#2. E-2D Advanced Hawkeye


This is the unusual military plane that is featured with the capacity to detect bombs and explosives that are kept around its several miles radius. It has the ability to make emergency stop in case there is need to. Shooting guns are placed at its bottom which can be loaded with bullets to shoot directly through the use of a button. Easy to control and it can make turns even on emergency attacks. It costs $232 million.

#3. Boeing 747-430 Custom


This is the best aircraft to have been made so far though it has not been welcomed to the market because of its cost. It is a full loaded security sensitive plane made with an armored body. It can detect temperature and atmosphere threats that could lead to its crash. The pilot can capture his or her environment while moving to detect any explosives and bad elements that could interfere with the flight. As if that is not enough, there is a VIP section in the plane with a king size bed and a table with a well-fitting wardrobe to ensure that you keep things nicely. The inside is finished with gold to ensure that it brings a special appearance to the user.

The 4 largest air shows of 2016


#1. West park model air show


This show is organized to ensure that people have a good understanding of how aircrafts works. It involves display and explaining the recent inventions and innovations that people have been working on for so long. It is a fun show so it is going to give you the best experience. It happens from 17th June to 19th June.

#2. At Home with shuttle worth Airshow


All the leading aircraft manufacturers come here to expose their skills on the various innovations and improvements that they have done. They are always on the move to ensure that complete understanding of the aircraft industry has been understood by people. Through the simple aircrafts that they have, there is an exhibition to show how they work. It is interesting to watch because of the activities that are being done there. It happens on 18th June every year.

#3. Great North Fly In


This is one of the best air shows ever. Come and see the prices of the various aircrafts, how they work and why they are outstanding. If you want to know the best aircrafts manufactured every year, then this is the best show to always attend. You will see the features of most aircrafts being displayed and you will have the privilege to talk to most of the aircraft manufacturers.

#4. Bob Jones Memorial Airshow


You will have all the things that you want on this show. How to track an aircraft, best piloting courses and schools, where you can repair your aircraft and how best you can become and aeronautical engineer, this is the best way to ensure that you get all the information.