3 most expensive planes of all time

#1. Boeing 747-8 VIP


This is one of the luxurious planes that people have been seeing on TV and movies. It is a plane that costs $153 million and it cannot be compromised by any weather condition. It can detect dangers and security threats as it is moving. A lot of technological advanced features have been incorporated into it making the plane to be modern and simple to use.

#2. E-2D Advanced Hawkeye


This is the unusual military plane that is featured with the capacity to detect bombs and explosives that are kept around its several miles radius. It has the ability to make emergency stop in case there is need to. Shooting guns are placed at its bottom which can be loaded with bullets to shoot directly through the use of a button. Easy to control and it can make turns even on emergency attacks. It costs $232 million.

#3. Boeing 747-430 Custom


This is the best aircraft to have been made so far though it has not been welcomed to the market because of its cost. It is a full loaded security sensitive plane made with an armored body. It can detect temperature and atmosphere threats that could lead to its crash. The pilot can capture his or her environment while moving to detect any explosives and bad elements that could interfere with the flight. As if that is not enough, there is a VIP section in the plane with a king size bed and a table with a well-fitting wardrobe to ensure that you keep things nicely. The inside is finished with gold to ensure that it brings a special appearance to the user.