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This is a group that has been involving itself in plane tracking. You could be wondering why and how but this is a very thrilling hobby that does not only bring entertainment but it also ensure that there is enhanced security to the flying planes. This group has been on the forefront to bring something unique that can even predict the time that a plane will take before landing to the required destination. It is a group that has the perfect tools to ensure that pictorial data is captured while the plane is on the move.

They asses various attributes of the plane as it is leaving the ground. These attributes include things like engine power and size, the size of the vapor that it leaves behind, its size and the number of people that board the plane. This makes the hobby to be advantageous as well because this group can notify people even when the plane is on the danger. The technique they use is very vital in the military side, air shows and the testing of planes after they have been manufactured. These people can mark the pattern of the plane motion so that they notice any change.