A Mid Air Proposal


Okay so this week was rather special. We went on holiday. Its been long awaited for two reasons. Firstly its been two years since we last went on a decent holiday. When I mean decent for a week or more away. There is a second reason- and you will have to read on to find out what that is.

So early this year, when I spotted a great deal on the Grabaseat website( that’s run by Air New Zealand) for flights to LA, I decided this is it.

The Trip- Yay 777-300 Economy means figure hugging seats. But at least its Air New Zealand- the food was good and the service was decent. Besides unexpectedly high turbulence everything went to plan.


Going to LA then to Vegas, to get married.  I proposed to Jason, Mile High, flying over the Pacific Ocean. NO, that didn’t happen. I got a yes but a no to a VEGAS wedding.


That was too soon. My other half hates spontaneous stuff- but this proposal was looming forever and he said afterwards that he kind of saw it coming. Jason cant handle things be done without planning- he could be the groom who plans everything right down to the colour of napkins that go on the table. Gosh What have I signed up for.


I had been planning this for ages, infact yeah it reached the point where it had to come. Jason is a tradie, so he needs something hard wearing. Ive always liked the idea of gold rings and will be getting myself one, but for Jason, it has to be either some hard metal like steel, or tungsten. Whilst tungsten is really good I hear, it also is very heavy which can not be suitable for him.


I liked the idea of titanium since they are light and also supposed to be hard wearing, but most importantly Jason likes something in a dark silver or gray colour. Platinum Rings were another consideration however they seemed totally outrageously unaffordable and couldn’t justify what I was going to be paying that amount for. Palladium Rings were something that I seriously considered as they looked a lot like the platinum rings and one of the jewellers told me its cheap mans platinum. I however eventually ended up buying a Titanium Ring. There was quite a few options to choose from and I eventually narrowed it down to a few titanium mens rings from here.


All in all it set me back by just more than $500, however the moment it created was worth a million dollars. Stay tuned as there is more where than came from.