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You could be having interest in our group and you would like to join us to have fun and learn some few tactics. Don’t worry, we have you in mind and we have a lot of resources to make you get the best fun as you do your work. Just ensure that you leave us a message through our email or contact page on our website. There are charges for all our members who join us so you need to prepare yourself to give us something to keep our services running. As a result, there is category on the number of members that join us.

#1. Premium member

We will train you and ensure that you use our tools efficiently to yield out the most valuable data. We take you through a lot of tutorials so that you become a guru in this field and we are always delighted to see that you are an expert at all times. This is what gives us the courage to move further and ensure that we are always fulfilling to our members. You will visit various airports and shows to ensure that you exercise your skills to a higher level. It costs $2,000 in a year.

#2. Basic membership

This is to ensure that you are always updated on our new things and skills. You will receive the training but you will have to practice on your own to get experience. You are going to cater for yourself all the charges of the events that you will be attending to ensure that you get experience. This costs $1,000 per year.