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To state the obvious, the work responsibility of the pilot differs greatly in line with the field he or she is employed in and the tasks they are supposed to perform. There are obviously different sectors you can work for and you will typically be working either in a mix of Commercial or Private which could be domestic or international or for the cargo carriers if you are working in transport.

If you are keen on knowing more about training for becoming a helicopter, pilot, you will find my earliest post on this helpful, here.
It’s going to dictate what class of pilot license you will need to earn, also as what equipment it will have that you will also require certification for. Whenever your officer training is complete, eventually, you can apply for specific programs for example pilot training. Look for a great flight instructor to be able to gain your private pilot certificate. Then apply to get a pilot license.

The obviously prestigious Air Force is definitely another one in the list, but this is in a league of its own, but because it is outside my area of expertise, there is not much I can delve into here, as I have mainly worked in commercial passenger most of my working life, having started off in transport for a global air freight partner.

At first, you might not even get to work as a pilot immediately and instead might need to take on different jobs in the area of aviation whilst waiting for work vacancy for pilots. Yes, being a real pilot is just a risky job just like many precision technical jobs. Let’s have a quick look at a number of the potential pilot jobs, where you could make your mark. There are numerous benchmarks of excellence which you require to prove to be a navy pilot.

Commercially or money wise, the goal for most pilot aspirants is to work for the large commercial airlines that work globally,for example the likes of Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines.

Firstly the real reason is that these companies are rather large, therefore higher pay. They want to attract and retain the best, so rest assured pay and policies are in place for employee welfare. Starting out with them is obviously not easy and they usually go recruit for the best of the best. Co-pilots at regional airlines obviously obtain a reduce pay package and the hours their clock are usually insufficient and do not meet the bar of the big players.

Every airline company has their own criteria and requirements as far as their recruitment goes, and keep this in mind when applying. The airline industry has picked up its momentum in recent years thanks to reduced fuel prices and this is only bound to grow in the coming years.

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